Glowing Hearts Vision
Glowing Hearts is determined to give children of adversity the opportunity to be creative, to be successful, and to inspire others to seek right living.  We believe in the power of love to change circumstances and to open doors of unlimited possibility, even for the least and the last.

Our Plan
The intention of the Glowing Hearts family is to gather orphaned, abandoned, or unwanted children, as well as those children of families who cannot provide safe or proper care, and to make them into a new family. This family will be one of optimism and encouragement, founded on the love of God who is the Father of the fatherless, and He who puts the solitary into families. We intend to demonstrate that love by the example of our lives.

What we Believe:
We believe we must always strive to do the right thing, regardless of culture or worldly opinion.
We believe that the prevailing message of the Bible is “Love God, love your neighbor”
We believe in truth and in the importance of putting others before ourselves.
We believe we minister to God by caring for least and the last.
We believe in education and in ethical choices.
We believe children have the right to be loved
We believe that love cannot fail.