Kim and anchalee photo

Kim and Anchalee:

Hi we are the parents of Glowing Hearts Children’s Home. Anchalee is from North Thailand. Anchalee spent 10 years working at a children’s home on Thailand before we met and married in 2004. Chalee as her friends call her, is the expert in child care, as well as being an awesome cook and preacher too.
Kim is from Canada. He has been in Thailand the last 7 years. Previously He was helping Al and Terry Purvis with their ministry in Chonburi (link). But have now been released to follow their vision. Previous to his missionary career, Kim was a commercial photographer in Calgary, Canada.
Anchalee and I are very blessed to have this oportunity to minister and to bring a new future to kids that have started out their lives with great disadvantages. God is faithful and we are surrounded by great people who helped us to step up to meet this destinty

Our Children


Genny big smileGenesis

Her name means beginning, and we feel that Genny has a beautiful destiny ahead of her. Genny is the daughter of two Burmese field workers that had escaped the poverty of Burma only to find that illegal workers in Thailand are treated just as badly as in Burma. 1 dollar a week was all they received for a year’s work. A new baby was just impossible to accept in this situation.
It is such a blessing that we heard about this hardship in time to make a difference. Now Genny lives with us, and she is real sweetheart. She just loves to be around people, she is apeople person and she makes friends with everybody.
She is almost 2 years old now, and she loves to help with the new babies..


Gideon 16 monthsGideon

Gideon (Mighty Warrior) is the youngest of 5 children belonging to a very sweet couple in a city called Hot. This family already has adult children, and because they live in extreme poverty, the thought of starting all over again was a serious problem for them. They are a Christian couple, but they have no property of their own and the dad has to wait for seasonal work in order to make a living.
These hard conditions made this couple consider having an abortion, even though it is against their beliefs. We were very grateful to be able to offer them a better solution. We said that we would raise the child in our home, and give him the best future we could.
Gideon is doing very well now, he has a lot of energy and lets you know when he needs your attention, but for the rest of the time he is quite peaceful and he likes to entertain himself. He doesn’t really know much about his future, but we believe that he will reach far beyond his humble beginnings, just like Gideon from the book of Judges.
We are so grateful to help him find the way


Shiloh at 3 weeksShiloh

Shiloh (peace or gift) came in to the world on May 19th. Out of respect for her natural family we can’t tell you all of the details, but we can say that the mom is a 16 year old refugee and rape victim. Her grandfather has insisted the baby was not to be brought home.

This is tragic story but it is also one where we were able to make a difference. Now little Shiloh will have all sorts of opportunities her family never had. We will raise her in our growing family with protection, love, and guidance.

As I write this Shiloh is 3 weeks old, she is a quiet girl and very rarely fusses. She sleeps most of the night and she has been an easy and welcome addition to our expanding crew.



Our Helpers

Ying and Pat weddingYing and Pat Yapaa

Where would we be without Ying and Pat? Ying is Anchalee’s youngest sister and she is our only official staff member. Like Anchalee, Ying has spent many years working in a children’s home. The best part of that is Ying specializes in the care of infants and toddlers. Ying has been an enormous help to us. Neither Anchalee nor I had any experience with newborns, Ying has helped us get through it twice so far, and she is such a big help every day. This October Ying was married to Pat and after the wedding they came to live with us. Pat is an unexpected blessing. He comes from a large family, and really has a gift for working with kids. He has a fulltime job in Chiang Mai, but when he is home he is a full part of the team. I am so happy that God has given us such capable people to help us change the world, one child at a time.


Ying and Pat now have a beautiful baby girl of their own. Her name is Asia ans she was born Feb 23, 2011.


Extended Family


Back in cold Canada Anchalee and I have a wonderful international family. (Couples left to right) Mike (Canada) & Esther (China),Their Daugther Jesse, son Lou Jie (China), Mom and Dad, Patrick (Canada) & Patricia (Peru) Their son Matthias, and now Lucas who was just ready to be born in this photo. Anchalee (Thailand) & Kim (Canada).

We only get to see them about once a year, but it always feels like home when we get there. We are hoping someday they will come and visit us and skip part of that nasty winter.


In Thailand our family is all Thai, actually Karen Thai to be more specific. Getting them all together for a picture is difficult as they work in different parts of northern Thailand. We will try to get a picture up here soon. Our Thai family members are Som Chai (dad) Bua Gaow(mom) Choom (brother) Ying (sister) and a long line of uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Pictured here are aunts and cousins and one uncle from Anchalee's mothers side.